Aye, Me Hearties… That’s Going To Cost

So anybody sailing the seven seas has got to expect some storms, yes? Our seven seas may be imaginary, and in the warmth and safety of our bedroom, but the water leaking from our roof and dripping on the floor near our bed is very real. It’s not exactly the Perfect Storm (that was a sad movie, why did they have to kill everybody?) but its not fun either. Too small to tell stories about to your grandchildren twenty years from now, but big enough to be annoying, and cost large sums of money to fix. Sigh. It seems that the roof restoration cost is what is going to be the ‘perfect storm’, rather than the leak itself. Where’s the fun in that?

My wife and I totally enjoying our new bed

When looking at roof repairs Sydney seemed to be cheaper, the roof restoration Melbourne has is more expensive, too bad I live in Melbourne. I’m not sure exactly how it happened? Maybe some wind blew a branch off a tree and onto my roof or something. Epic adventure eh. See, this is what you have to look forward to as an adult, I’m clearly not six anymore. But there are perks of being an adult that little kids don’t have, which are totally worth it ;).

Ummm, and one for us too, thanks

This is going to sound so crazy. I was beginning to feel jealous of my daughter with her castle bed, and I started thinking about getting one for my wife and I too. My wife actually quite liked the idea! So we actually went out and bought one. Unfortunately we had to pay extra to have it custom built to be strong enough for two adults, but we like it.

My wife and I love our new bed!
My wife and I love our new bed!

So we agreed to get one four ourselves and started looking at different bunk beds for sale  and because my wife and I both quite like fishing, we decided to get a pirate captains bed, to help us feel like we’re at sea. We both love the sea but we live quite far away from the ocean so we miss it.

We are grown ups, so that means we’re free to make our own choices. We don’t want to miss out on all the fun kids beds have to offer, just because of what silly people think of us. We have money and we spend it how we like, and thats the bottom line.

I Bought A Castle This Morning

Yes, thats right, I bought a castle this morning. Makes me feel wealthy. Never mind the fact that its small enough to fit in my daughter’s bedroom and has a slide. Its a castle, a princess bunk bed, and its awesome.

princess loft bed
My daughter’s new castle

Princess bunk beds are so cool because they (a) give your daughter somewhere to play, (b) they make her feel like a princess, (c) it saves money on furniture because the bunk bed is also a playhouse, bookshelf, wardobe and a set of drawers. Oh and (d) it has a slide!!! Yay. I love slides.


Oh! Silly me. My name is Bobby and I’m the Arcade Man. Arcade as in architecture, though I suppose I play computer games sometimes as well. I’m a builder, this is my blog.

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Nice to meet you too.